tirsdag 17. mars 2009

Microsoft Office, ONENOTE

Hei! :)

Last time in history class, out teacher introduced of to Onenote from Microsoft.

This program works like a notebook. What is great with Onenote is that it accepts everything you wish to copy over to it or download. It works great as an organizer as well. You can make your own tabs for each subject at school, and then make several pages with notes under each tab. I think that Onenote makes it much easier to take notes and keep it all in one place, instead of having too many folders spread around on your computer. Another great thing is that you don’t have to safe every tenth minute in case your computer argues with you.

It safes everything automatically! I’m very excited over using Onenote, and I hope that more and more students will “convert” to it soon. I absolutely recommend it to every student that wants to keep school papers, power points and so on organized.

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Janinne sa...


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Carra's Verden sa...

Hei Marcus!

Thank you :D
I will check it out, for sure =)