tirsdag 3. februar 2009

What students want.

Hei :)

After listening to a lecture about a professor discussing how they should make the students "knowledge-able". ( To view the lecture click on this link,
http://mediatedcultures.net/ksudigg/?p=195#comments )

As a student at Sandvika VGS, we all have our own computer. We use it everyday in every class.

When we are told to shut down our computers, I feel like I am missing out on something. Like my computer is my safety device, I've grown to attached to it. I use it to look up information and to talk to fellow students about assignments. Without sounding like an angel, I also use my computer to check out facebook every now and then, but I do not feel that this use of the computer is interrupting me learning in class.

It is easy to believe that every student wants free access to the Internet during classes, but that is not necessarily the case. I am very happy with the Internet, but I also find it very annoying at times. It is too easy to do what you are not suppose to do, during class. Therefor I believe that most students would love the Internet access, but their subconscious would love to learn without the Internet.
The point is not to remove the Internet access for students, but to teach them how to use the Internet in a positive way, and I agree with that.

Except for the Internet, students also want a good teacher. A teacher that can catch their attention at any time, not a teacher that is just standing there holding a lecture.

When it comes to the location of where students are learning, I think that is very important. For instent, at Sandvika VGS almost every classroom has windows that let the students look outside for a few seconds, and not just staring at a gray wall.

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natanius sa...

Nice blog. Hope we get to know each other well. Bye.

Carra's Verden sa...

Thank you very much :)
I hope so as well!

Ann S. Michaelsen sa...

Carina you have some interesting views on the subject. It is difficult not to be distracted. And it is a good thing that we practice to use technology in a smart way!

Professor Wesch sa...

One of the best things about computers in the classroom is that it forces professors to rise to the challenge of getting and maintaining the students' attention without falling into simple entertainment. I know my teaching has actually improved greatly as I try to make the classroom more relevant and interesting than what students can find on Facebook.

Amber sa...

Hey Carina,
Well I truly understand what your talking about. Most people use the internet in so many wrong ways. Our school got laptops for the freshmen. I didn't think it was fair but they really need to learn to work with computers. Today we use technology more than we do going to the library and going threw books to find out information. I wish everyone would use the internet the correct way. How do you use the internet? What things do you use it for? Well whenever you get a chance write me back. You seem like you have some of the same views as I do.

man.money2617 sa...

Hey Carina you all are lucky students to have a computer at all times at school. The only access to a computer that us as students at Minden High School will have is in the library or in a class based on using computers. Being a student we want a lot, but what the teachers are failing to realize is that the things that we are asking for are things that will keep us "ALIVE" and make things better for them and us.

Carra's Verden sa...

This is to Amber :)

I use the Internet for many things. At school I use it to get information I need for project and so on. In Asker an Baerum where I live, we also have this Internet page called "itslearning." Teachers use this page to give us homework and so on, so as a student you have to have accsess to this page. I also use the Internet to share files and school projects with friends a school. So it is very practical :)

When I am home I use the Internet to watch Tv-series, talk to friends and keep myself updated. I also read the news using the Internet. So in every way, Internet is a very good thing. The problem is that people have learn how to use it corecctly :)

To man.money!
I know!
I believe I would feel the same way if we didn't use computers at school. I do feel lucky that I have this oppertunity :) Actually, all high schools in Asker and Baerum will from the school year of 2010 be requried to have all students using their own personal computer! Way to go :):):)