tirsdag 31. mars 2009

Obama on the Jay Leno Show!


I just saw a clip on youtube where Obama was one of the guests, on the Jay Leno Show. I must say that my first reaction was: “Wow, the president is on a talk show?! I have never seen any of the presidents before make an appearance on a talk show. Apparently, Obama did this to reach out to the people who don’t usually watch CNN and so on. So I do get the point on why he did it. The population in America is about 300-350 million people. Not all of them voted in the presidential election, so it is perfectly normal for the president to try other distribution channels, like talk shows. When I started to watch the clip I noticed his way of behaving on the show. He was so relaxed and chilled out and he seemed very “cool”.I feel that as the president of the United States, you should have a different attitude.

Here is the deal, Obama and Leno were talking about bowling. Then suddenly, out of the blue, Obama makes a joke about the Special Olympics. The Special Olympics is nothing to joke about, the people who attend these competitions are people to look up to. They try really hard to become the best within their discipline, just as the athletes attending the Olympics. I see no reason to make this into a joke. Is this how Obama wants to reach out to the people watching talk shows? Just because he’s not participating in a political debate does not mean he has to make “funny” jokes about people. If he really wants to reach out to most people, why doesn’t he just behave normal? I guess the president has several sides of his personality, but he could consider holding on to some of his “good” jokes when starring in a talk show.

I’m no expert, but I believe this was a tiny, tiny step across the

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