tirsdag 17. mars 2009


Hei everyone!

This is a challenge to all the american and norwegian studenst!! :) I've been talking to some of the studenst in my class, and we figured it would be fun to post some pictures of ourselves. To see who we really are talking to. You don't have to if you don't want to.

To break the ice, I'll start!!

This could be fun :D


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Tonio sa...

Hey Carina,
I like that you guys put up a photo challenge so we can see who we are talking to. In next couple i'll be uploading a picture of me on my page

Carra's Verden sa...

Hei :D

It would be very cool if most of the students did this. Looking forward to see some pictures of everyone =)

ParkstadBlogg sa...


ultimatevideo_gameman12892 sa...

OMG that is a cool picture if that is you you look really hot maybe I might get a picture of me and show you what I look like.

Carra's Verden sa...

Yes, this is what I really look like. At least, I think so! Are you one of the american students, mr. ultimatevideo?