torsdag 2. april 2009

Northen Ireland.

The Troubles.

When the Irish independence was a fact, struggle to get Ulster back form the British continued.The biggest problem was the majority of people in the region: they did not want to be liberated. As Protestants they were happy citizens of the United Kingdom.

During the 1960 the confrontations got more severe. A revolutionary spirit influenced Europe and the USA also affected the green island. Catholics felt concealed and started to demonstrate for civil rights and felt that there should be the same treatment with the Protestants. On the other hand, Protestants felt this action was a provocation towards them as a group and the situation got out of hand.

The period following 1968 has been named “The Troubles”. In 1969, British soldiers came in to bring order to the conflict in the society. Unfortunately the soldiers took sides and this led to more discrimination against Catholics. Both extreme Catholics and Protestants committed terrorism and murder and a lot of civilians have suffered. The ones who got suspected for being a terrorist could get in jail (kept in internment) for years without a trial. Most of these people were Catholics. Today, the fact of the British soldiers still being there is very provoking to the Catholic side.

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