tirsdag 27. januar 2009

My hometown :)


We were just given a task, to write about our hometowm. We were given this task because we might be able to communicate with studenst from Louisiana by using "skype".

Some information about my hometown, Asker (click on "Asker" for more information):

I live in Asker which is about 20 minutes from the capital in Norway, Oslo.

I love living in Asker because you are surrounded by water, nature and cultural events. We live right by the sea, which is amazing during the summer.

We also have great access to go skiing during the winter.

Both in Asker and in Bærum (Baerum) people have the opportunity to visit cultural houses with local artist. It could be dance shows, paintings and so on.

If there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask :)

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Mrs. D sa...

Hello Carina,

You did a great job on your hometown post. We definitely never get snow like I saw in your picture. We are in the middle of the winter right now and it is 57 degrees F here. The weather really fluctuates here in the winter. Sometimes we can wear shorts and other times we have on large coats. Temperatures under 32 degrees F only happen a few times per winter. We are lucky to see snow even once a year.

You will be receiving a comments from one of my students soon.

Mrs. D

Charley sa...

This was a very good blog as Mrs. D said. Your hometown seems like a nice place to live. I wish we had that much snow. As she said, it rarely goes below freezing here.I will be returning to your page.


Carra's Verden sa...

Thank you for the comments :)

I love the fact that we have four seasons. What is great when the winter comes a long is that we can go skiing and just enjoy a nice day out.

32 degrees F, I believe that is about 0 degrees C. Yesterday it was -13 degrees C, so it was freezing.

Again, thank you for the comments =) Appriciate it!

galenmaddox sa...

Hey Carina,

I really love how your blog is set up! We don't have seas in our hometown but we do have lakes. I would love to live by the sea if I were able to. As far as our weather goes, it's not cold enough to have that much snow down here. We are lucky if we even get any at all. Keep up the good work Carina. I will be commenting back soon!


Tonio sa...

You have a nice hometown post, I like it a lot especially the part about the snow that you get in the winter time. I love snow and winter.

Dennis mhsdennis.edublogs.org

ANDRIA sa...

your town sound like it is very nice. i think i would love it there because of the water.

andria h

Nathaniel sa...

Wow this is a great post and I love how you did the pictures and the writing on your blog it is so neat and I hope that you will do a lot more of these kind of blogs.

rocklee_hiddenlotus7793 sa...

Sounds like you've got a pretty hometown, i wish i could be there.

Carra's Verden sa...

Hei :)

It's fun to see what other people think about your own hometown. Especialy people from other coutries.

Some of you said that you would like to be there. I challenge you to come to Norway sometime during your life. Not to see some of the things that I posted, but to see the beautiful nature we are blessed to have.

Thank you for all the comments :)!